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Arcane Labyrinth

Arcane Labyrinth

The Arcane Labyrinth will be refreshed every 48 hours. All monsters, buildings and rewards will be reset.

Players can explore their current and surrounding grids.

Be careful when choosing your route because each time a player steps onto a new grid, the adjacent grids will be destroyed.

If you’re able to defeat the defenders of the labyrinth you’ll be rewarded with labyrinth tokens that can be used to purchase goods at the labyrinth store!

Enemies within the Labyrinth may drop relics that you can collect. Each relic has unique properties.

Relics can only be used within the Arcane Labyrinth.


If the Labyrinth is reset all relics that you’ve acquired thus far will disappear

Perhaps regarded as the most enigmatic place in Esperia, the Arcane Labyrinth has had many an adventurer step into it, only to never be seen or heard from again.

The hope of obtaining the great treasures rumored to lay deep within has been the downfall of many adventurers. At its center lies a vortex that has radiated magical energies since the dawn of time.

The vortex’s green brilliance has been said to have held people in a trance for a whole lifetime.

Those lucky enough to have made it out reported finding themselves being followed and tormented by phantasms and other inexplicable creatures.

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