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Arena of Heroes

Arena of Heroes

The Arena of Heroes is a PvP league featuring a basic ladder system.

You win, you gain points and rise up the ladder. You lose and you drop points and fall down the ladder.

Be aware that you can be attacked while offline, so you’ll need a set up a formation with your strongest heroes for defense. Remember to update it reguarly with the team you’re current using for the rest of the game.

There are daily rewards and end of season rewards. Both of which are currently a set amount of Diamonds depending on your ladder position.

Entering the arena is free for first 2 times, then it costs Arena Tickets.

At the moment, the Arena of Heroes is pretty basic and probably isn’t worth too much of your time and attention beyond doing the daily quest every day with the entry.

The only exception would be when Dura’s Trial has the arena event active.

Hopefully more things are added to it soon, such as guild and cross-server battles.


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    19th April 2019

    Would it be possible to post the reward tiers?

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