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Athalia Guide


“Harbinger of Justice”
AgilityCelestialsDamage Dealer (CC)MeleeAscendedBackBlade / EyeNo

Hero Details

Athalia is a new hero added in patch 1.15.01. She’s a very strong melee DPS that can well fit into any team.

Her kit is a bit like Silvina, a sword-wielding assassin, except she isn’t limited to only nuking down mages.

An interesting thing about Athalia is that she will target the enemy hero opposite her to burst them down. This means that you can actively target a hero you want to kill quickly.

Another unique feature of Athalia is perhaps not entirely herself, but the faction she belongs to. She’s a member of the powerful Celestial Order, and that allows her to represent any faction on the battlefield. As an example, if you only have 2 heroes of the same faction on a team and you add her to it, she will count as the third member of that faction and grant the bonus.

Unfortunately as of now, she is extremely hard to obtain and even harder to ascend.


SkillDescriptionLevel Upgrades

Divine Fury

Athalia attacks her enemies with lightning speed and precision, slashing them three times from various positions on the battlefield. Each slash deals 160% damage to all enemies in her path. The third slash has a 100% critical strike chance.Level 81: Enemies that are struck more than once are dealt an additional 50% damage.
Level 161: Damage increased by up to 190%.


Athalia descends from the heavens onto the battlefield and targets the enemy directly opposite her, inflicting 280% damage on them. Once the initial attack has finished, Athalia will stand and attack the targeted enemy normally. Enemies will not be able to regenerate energy when attacked by this ability.Level 21: Damage increased by up to 290%.
Level 101: Targeted enemy cannot regenerate energy from attacks for 5 seconds after initial attack.
Level 181: Damage increased by up to 310%.

Purging Frenzy

Athalia unleashes a multi-staged attack on the enemy nearest to her, with the final blow dealing 150% damage to the target that also leaves them stunned for 2 seconds.Level 121: Stun effect lasts for up to 3 seconds.
Level 201: Final attack damage increased to 170% damage.


Athalia uses a divine aura that allows herself to mitigate 8% of all received damage for every ally still alive on the battlefield.Level 141: Each living ally raises Athalia's damage by 3%.
Level 221: Each living ally raises Athalia's damage by 4%.

Character Lore

Athalia could be described best in her current form as a living weapon. She was once a mortal woman, but after being Ascended by Dura and made a demigod to serve in the Celestial Order, she wields incredible power.

Athalia has always found Dura’s kindness for mortals perplexing. The mortal’ behavior often dishonored the very gods they claimed to revere, but Dura would always find a way to forgive their transgressions.

“They are imperfect, but are our creation nonetheless. We may guide them, but they will forever stray from the path. We must be there to see them back on it. Have pity on them and try to understand. They possess a spark that we do not.”

Athalia couldn’t help but feel the burning twinge of jealously at these sentiments. Were their hearts not blighted? Prone to the sickness of greed and hatred?

“They must suffer that which we do not. We forget what it is to exist under the yoke of disease, hunger, poverty, the constant loss of the things we cherish. To be mortal is to love no less than a Divine, but to do so with the knowledge that all of it will inevitably be torn away from you. To be a mortal is a symphony of joy and pain. To be mortal is to be imperfect and complete. It is imperative to remember who they are when you approach them.”

After Dura’s death, Athalia’s resentment of these creatures was cemented, the last remnants of her humanity forgotten. Had her goddess not intervened on their behalf, had she simply allowed her creation to fend for themselves, she would still exist. The most important thing, however, remained the same as ever. The preservation of The Light is the highest calling, and even some of the pitiful creatures that lived such petty, short lives were instrumental in this preservation. Athalia, however, was created as executioner as well as adjudicator, and her viewpoint is seldom nuanced. There is right and wrong in the world. Good and evil. Evil must be expunged.

Athalia now seeks out and destroys blasphemers with righteous fury. Those who dabble in the dark arts or conspire to aid the Hypogean conquest do so at the risk of becoming another body crumpled under her blessed blades. Her godless quarry are often discovered with their eyes charred and burst, lost to the light and the glory of this surviving avatar of Dura’s justice aspect. Athalia is an indispensable ally in the fight against the demonic armies, but she is a double-edged sword. Whomever wields her should expect to pay with a little pain of their own.

“I am Justice. I cannot be judged.”


  • Avatar
    20th April 2019

    I got her incredibly easily and early; is she good for endgame content as well?

    • Avatar
      21st April 2019

      how exactly did you get her? through the tavern?

  • Avatar
    20th April 2019

    Of course she is ! Just go check the tier list.

  • Avatar
    20th April 2019

    She is good through out the game. I do not have her, but through experience she can come in handy late game as I have been completely destroyed by an Athalia of the same rating as my hero.

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