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Silas Bountiful Trial

The Bountiful Trials feature in AFK Arena allows players to test out a hero for free in a preset environment.

They’re only available for a limited time after a new hero is released.

Players must defeat Arena Guadians within the trial map. Each guardian has a certain amount of heroes that the player can choose to use in battle. Figuring out which heroes to use is main mechanic.

Rewards can be earned from completing the trial and looting the chest.

Silas Bountiful Trial

These are working team comps for each Arena Guardian in the Silas trial.

Credit to Damiascus on Reddit for the team recommendations!


60x Elite Hero Soulstone
60x Rare Hero Soulstone
1000k Gold
300 Diamonds
6x Small Pile of Hero Experience
6x Small Pile of Hero’s Essence
4x Large Crate of Gold

Arena of Trials Lore

The Arena of Trials is a place brimming with magical energy. In some respects, it doesn’t truly exist in the real world. It’s more like a fantastical, magical-borne mirage. Nevertheless, the danger of this mirage is very real. With trial upon trial and ordeal after ordeal, those who have successfully obtained the treasure are a precious few indeed!

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