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Earning & Spending Diamonds

Earning & Spending Diamonds

Diamonds are the main currency of AFK Arena. They can be earned in-game for free and bought for real money.

They’re extremely important for progressing in the game and are much harder to obtain than any other currency, so spend them wisely.

How to get diamonds?

Your main source of them will come from completing campaign quests. The quests are basically achievements for completing certain things in the game such as defeating campaign stages or clearing king’s tower floors.

They can also be obtained from bounty quests and the new bootcamp event when it is active.

The chests earned from attacking guild bosses can have diamonds in them as well.

The Arena of Heroes can also give diamonds as daily and seasonal rewards depending on your ladder position.

You can obviously buy them with real money from the gift shop as well.

And lastly, everyone will receive diamonds for updating the game when a new patch or hotfix is released.

What can you spend diamonds on?

There’s 2 main things you can spend diamonds on — Heroes and Gear.

You can use them for resetting heroes, but the cost is relatively low (20 per hero).

They can also be spent at the new Stargazing NPC, which was added to the noble tavern in patch 1.14.01. However, this is more of an endgame option for when you’ve got most of the that heroes you want. I don’t really recommend using diamonds on this early on as it is quite expensive.

What’s the best thing to spend diamonds on?

This can depend on what your current progress in the game is, but the general answer for most players is to spend them all on buying heroes from the 10x Summon option in noble tavern.

The reason you want to use the “Summon 10” option is because it has a 10% discount, so you’ll receive one extra hero for the same price.

The logic behind prioritizing heroes over gear is that gear can be relatively easily obtained from various sources, where as heroes are much rarer to earn.

The further you progress into the game, the easier it is to obtain gear.

It can be acquired from a multitude of sources such as the Campaign Quests, Peaks of Time, AFK Rewards, Guild Store and the Trader in the Arcane Labyrinth which can have a 40% discount on items.

You also only at minimum really need gear for 5 heroes, where as you’ll need A LOT of extra heroes to ascend each one into Mythic+.


  • Avatar
    16th April 2019

    At least until drop rates are adjusted (confirmed upcoming change), if you see the 5 purple shards in the store, it is a mathematically better spend for your diamonds. A 2700 pull has a ~4% chance to get an epic hero. That works to 1 in 25, or 6750 diamonds. The shards in the store are 1620 per epic hero. You can argue about building the rare heroes to epic, but ultimately the ascended heroes are the best.

    • Avatar
      17th April 2019

      1. It’s 4.61%, the game told you.
      That’s 0.461 epic per 10x
      2. You get a fraction 10x for every 100 pulls, so one 10x = 0.1 epic (if you are looking for certain fraction this worth 0.4 epic)
      3. You get 51.69% normals, retire one gives you 800 token while you can buy a epic (60 shards) for 18000 tokens, then that’s 0.023 epic per 10x
      4. You get 43.7% rares, even it’s not what you want, you can use them to make epic+, which can be used in ascending of any hero, you can always make use of it.
      1 epic = 3 rare+ = 9 rare, so that’s 0.0485 epic per 10x

      Total effective epic per 10x is 0.461+0.1(0.4)+0.023+0.0485 = 0.6325(0.9325)

      If you want any epic, it need 4270 diamonds on average
      If you want certain fraction epic, it need 2895 diamonds on average.

      But yes, buying 5 shards always profits

  • Avatar
    Ahmed Atef
    16th April 2019

    you can get epic hero from shards that is not ascended

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