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Feature Unlock Requirements

Feature Unlock Requirements

Updated for Patch 1.19.

Many features of AFK Arena are either locked behind your campaign progression or VIP level.

This is a list of all requirements to unlock each feature.

Keep in mind that the VIP features are purely for convenience rather than something actually required.

Note: I didn’t personally find most of the data for this. That credit goes to pas#0666 on the AFK Arena Discord. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make this guide!

Noble TavernComplete Stage 1-12
Temple of AscensionComplete Stage 1-12
Barracks StoreComplete Stage 1-12
Rickety CartComplete Stage 1-12
Arcane LabyrinthComplete Stage 2-4
Labyrinth StoreComplete Stage 2-4
StoreComplete Stage 2-8
King's TowerComplete Stage 2-12
LibraryComplete Stage 2-16
GuildComplete Stage 2-20
Guild StoreComplete Stage 2-20
Arena of HeroesComplete Stage 2-28
Progression Reward PurchasesComplete Stage 2-28
Bounty BoardComplete Stage 3-12
Battle Speed x2Complete Stage 3-36
Fast RewardComplete Stage 3-36
WishlistComplete Stage 4-4
Resonating CrystalComplete Stage 4-36
Wall of LegendsComplete Stage 4-36
ArtifactsComplete Stage 6-4
Peaks of TimeComplete Stage 6-4
Peaks of Time: Unrelenting BlazeComplete Stage 7-4
Peaks of Time: Secrets of the ForestComplete Stage 8-4
Peaks of Time: Rest in PieceComplete Stage 9-4
Legends' Challenger TournamentComplete Stage 9-20
Challenger StoreComplete Stage 9-20
Arcane Labyrinth Hard ModeComplete Stage 9-24
Peaks of Time: The Ancient RuinsComplete Stage 10-4
Legendary+ Gear from Guild StoreComplete Stage 10-22
Mythic Gear from StoreComplete Stage 10-22
Peaks of Time: The Far FrontierComplete Stage 11-4
Legendary+ Gear from AFK RewardsComplete Stage 11-18
Mythic Gear from Guild Store & Lab MerchantComplete Stage 12-2
Peaks of Time: The Divine RealmComplete Stage 12-4
Bounty Board AutofillComplete Stage 12-40 or VIP 6
Peaks of Time: Rancid ForestComplete Stage 13-4
Artifact Fragments from AFK RewardsComplete Stage 13-40
Peaks of Time: Viper's MarshComplete Stage 14-4
Factional TowersComplete Stage 14-40
Peaks of Time: The Dismal DescentComplete Stage 15-4
StargazerComplete Stage 15-40 or VIP 13
Peaks of Time: The Savage WastesComplete Stage 16-4
Mythic Gear from AFK RewardsComplete Stage 16-12
Peaks of Time: The Solar PlaneComplete Stage 17-4
Peaks of Time: The Burning WoodsComplete Stage 18-4
Peaks of Time: The Abysmal DelvesComplete Stage 19-4
Mythic+ Gear Upgrades from AFK Rewards & StoreComplete Stage 21-1
Guild Boss Quick BattleVIP 6
Arena Battle SkipVIP 6
Stargazer Hero ReminderVIP 13

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“Legendary+ Gear from AFK Rewards – Complete Stage 11-18”

I doubt this. Im at Stage 11-20 and theres not even normal Legendary gear dropping from AFK. All im getting all day everyday is white, green and blue… and sometimes very rarely purple.
legendary and legendary+ does not drop from AFK for me at all ever.


Ugh, it will take SO LONG to get too the stargazer. I`m on stages 10-5 rn and I have a streak of 5, 10x summons with no elites. I probably wont make to there. sad


Im a f2p player but i make it to the chapter 16 – 20. Just try harder and may the luck of the draw be with you.


I’m currently on 9-32 but i didn’t unlock labyrinth hard mode anyone knows why ?

Mouad Ahaboune
Mouad Ahaboune

same for me,IDK what to do..


It unlocked for me, and know this: you’re not missing out. I have the server’s Wilders leader in my clan (s143, Bleek), and even he says that he cannot get through it without using several of Dura’s Tears. The challenge spike is absurd. I tried it once and went through 5 Dura’s Tears despite a very strong Saveas, Shemira and Lucius on my squad. The rewards are not worth the time investment. Hope it opens up for you eventually though, so you can test it yourself, but be warned: you will not get as much rewards as you would going… Read more »


Hey! Why some people say mythic gear drops after clearing 16-12 . And here is stated that I have to complete 16-11. Which one is true? Thank you!


So it is confirmed Mythic+ gear drops and appears in shop only after 22-60?


I have received legendary equipment in phase 8-37 from AFK rewards.

Raul C
Raul C

I feel like at this stage it’s a guaranteed gear, i have seen so many people getting one of these legendary gear at the 8’s stages, myself included