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The Graveborn are a faction of heroes in AFK Arena.

They’re strong against Lightbearers, and weak against Wilders.


Ferael is all about control. He can stun enemies and decrease their energy regen. He lacks burst, but his damage can be quite high over longer battles. Many of his top tier skill unlocks are at higher levels.AgilityDPS, CCGravebornBackDura's CallNo

Grezhul can summon undead minions that can distract enemies. He can also provide an anti-magic shield for his allies, this shield absorbs more damage for other graveborns.StrengthTank, Anti-Magic ShieldGravebornFrontDura's GraceYes

Isabella leeches life from her own allies to increase her damage. She can help nuke down weak targets for a fast kill.IntelligenceDPSRaine, Silvina, Thoran, NiruBackDura's EyeYes

Shemira is a powerful mage capable of dealing massive AoE damage to enemies, while also leeching life from them. She can also silence one enemy mage.IntelligenceDPS, CC, AoERaineBackDura's EyeNo

Thoran is a tank that can self-resurrect once when killed during a battle. He will do more damage to lower level enemies and can redirect damage to the weakest enemy.StrengthTankGravebornFrontDura's GraceYes

Niru is a mage that can tank enemies and heal allies with his lifeleech. He grows in strength when an enemy is killed.IntelligenceDPS, HealerIsabella, Silvina, ThoranFrontDura's GraceNo

Silvina an assassin style hero that can nuke down mages at the start of the game.AgilityDPS, BurstRaine, Isabella, ThoranAnyDura's EyeYes

Vedan is a strong melee that can overwhelm enemies with his lifeleech and burst damage. He cannot be attacked while he's using his ult.AgilityDPS, TankHeroes with CCAnyDura's GraceYes

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