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King’s Tower

King’s Tower

There’s a total of 270 floors to clear in the King’s Tower.

Each floor has specific rewards that are only obtainable once.

You can only go up in King’s Tower, there’s literally no way back. Once you complete a floor, you can never do it again. Unlike Arena of Heroes, it doesn’t reset.

While there is a server leaderboard for it, there are no rewards for any ladder positions at the current time. It’s mostly just for bragging rights.


The King’s Tower, once the beacon of mankind was an illustrious gleaming tower from whence the old king ruled over his kingdom.

It wasn’t until the old king was betrayed by his younger brother, Prince Edwin, that the tower began its descent into darkness.

The tower in which so many cruel deeds took place now stands enshrouded by darkness as if it were a monument to evil.

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