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The Lightbearers are a faction of heroes in AFK Arena.

They’re strong against Maulers, and weak against Graveborn.


Lucius is a strong support/tank hybrid. He can heal and shield allies, but still take a beating on the frontline. Damage output is low though.StrengthTank (Heal, Shield)Nemora, BrutusFrontDura's DrapeYes

Angelo is one of the few pure healers in the game. His heals are quite weak and he does no damage, but his silence can be useful sometimes.IntelligenceSupport (Heal, Silence)TanksBackDura's CallDecent CC with silence.Poor healing & damage.Yes

Belinda is a strong burst hero with high crit rate. Her ult can deal a huge amount of damage in a very short window.IntelligenceDamage Dealer (Buffer)Raine, Lyca, Estrilda, ThaneBackDura's EyeHigh burst AoE damage.Useless without her ultimate. Poor survivability. Low energy regenYes

Fawkes is a ranged DPS that can remove buffs & apply debuffs to enemies. He can also lock an enemy inside a coffin for up to 9 seconds, completely taking them out of the battle.AgilityDamage Dealer (CC)LightbearersBackDura's CallYes

Estrilda is a fairly weak tank that can die quite easily, but she makes up for it by providing energy regen & damage reduction to her allies.StrengthTank (Buffer)Belinda, RaineFrontDura's GraceStrong buffsDies too fast for a tank.Yes

Hogan is a high HP tank with some decent CC that can be applied quickly. His damage is lacking though compared to other tanks.StrengthTank (CC)Nemora, Angelo, NumisuFrontDura's GraceHigh HP, Quick CCPoor damageYes

Thane is a glass cannon melee DPS that relies heavily on critical strikes. His ultimate makes him immune to all damage, but he's fairly fragile before level 141.AgilityDamage DealerBelinda, Raine, BrutusBackDura's EyeYes

Raine is a strong Support/DPS hero that can increase the damage taken by heroes and regen allies energy. Her ult can snowball games, but she's pretty useless on her own.AgilityDamage DealerShemira, Belinda, Silvina, Estrilda, LycaBackDura's CallVery powerful ult that can snowball battles.Useless on her own.Yes

Mirael is an anti-magic hero with decent AoE burst damage.IntelligenceDamage DealerRaineBackDura's EyeYes

Morvus is a ranged DPS with high sustain AoE damage. He can stun enemies and finish off weak ones.AgilityDamage DealerRaine, BelindaBackDura's EyeYes


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    25th May 2019

    Could you guys do a: Best Graveyard Team
    Best Lightbearer Team
    Best Mauler Team

    Would be awesome an really helpful I think

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