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“Keeper of Glades”

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Lyca is a DPS/Support hero that will buff her allies at the beginning of a battle. She does this by increasing their attack speed and regenerating a set amount of energy.

The main advantage to her buffs is that your entire team will cast their ultimate abilities faster at the start of a battle. This makes her incredibly strong and a great addition to any team.

Provides her team the edge at the beginning of the battle.

Doesn’t matter as much if she dies as she will of already buffed her team at the start.

Can act as an off-tank due to high dodge rating.

Quite a fragile hero if bad dodge RNG.

Lyca generally works well with any hero that either has some form of CC, a very strong ultimate ability or very slow energy regen.

She’s part of the very strong and popular wilders combo: Lyca, Nemora, Tasi/Arden.

When the sages of the forest chose Lyca to take on the role of First Ranger in the Dusk Watch, it left many people puzzled. Everyone had expected someone older, stronger, more experienced in a fight. When it came to blade and bow, Lyca wasn’t even a contender for the most capable. The people couldn’t imagine why she had been selected. Despite their initial misgivings, they placed a great deal of trust in the sages, and knew that there must be something special about her that set her above the rest.

Understandably, everyone wanted to meet and get to know the new First Ranger, and it didn’t take long thereafter for them to understand what about Lyca made her so qualified for the position. She possessed an uncanny proficiency for unearthing the hidden talents and abilities that lay dormant in others, and bringing them out into the light to grow and develop. When people spoke with Lyca and listened to her encouraging words, they often had epiphanies, discovering strengths in themselves they had never known before.

After coming to know Lyca, anyone could find their calling. For the gifts she kindled in her people, she became a beloved figure almost at once. Along with the trust of the people, however, Lyca had also won the stars’ blessing.

One quiet night, when Lyca was resting briefly next to a calm lake deep in the forest, something happened that defied belief. A brilliant light moved across the sky. Lyca watched it trace a white scratch in the darkness and took it simply for a falling star, appreciating its simple beauty, but it didn’t wink out.

In fact, it seemed to be growing closer. It continued in this way until it looked like it would smash into the water, devastating everything around it. Somehow though, Lyca knew it wouldn’t. She felt a calm reassurance wash through her, and stood slowly to greet the light. As it neared the surface of the lake, it slowed and stopped just above the water, bathing the surrounding trees and bleary-eyed, blinking faces of curious onlookers in a brilliant, silvery light.

As the light began to dim, a form became visible, standing on – but not disturbing – the surface of the water. A robust yet graceful white hind stood, looking toward Lyca. It moved soundlessly toward her edge of the shore, holding in its mouth a long, curving bow. It reached Lyca’s side and raised uptake bow. When she took it, the deer lowered its head and shoulders slightly, indicating for her to mount up.

The old sages gathered. They all knew what they would discuss today. The prophecy. It was said that when the forest was enshrouded by evil, the stars would manifest in the form of a pure and holy sigil. The sigil would seek out a worthy hero, and together they would drive the evil away from their beloved home. Lyca, already devoted to her cause, was now filled with a conviction beyond what she had thought possible. She was no longer simply Lyca of the Wilders, or Lyca, First Ranger of the Dusk Watch.

She had been chosen by the stars themselves to see her purpose through, and the only thing that would be impossible would be accepting defeat.

“When you’re lost, look up to the stars for guidance.”

CLASS: Agility
ROLE: DPS (Buffer)
TYPE: Ranged
ARTIFACT: Eye/Grace/Blade

Item – Starfall

A gift that fell from the sky. Rains destruction in the same way.

Skill – Vision of the Stars

Increases all allies’ accuracy by 40 while Lyca is alive.

[+10 Unlocks] Increases all allies’ accuracy by 70 while Lyca is alive.
[+20 Unlocks] Raises the damage dealt to the enemy target by 0.2% for every accuracy point that is higher than the enemy’s max dodge points and can be raised up to a maximum of 20% damage. (Ability affects all allies excluding mages).
[+30 Unlocks] Increases all allies’ accuracy by 100 while Lyca is alive.


Arrow of Justice

Lyca shoots a lethal and powerful arrow that deals 220% damage and is also able to knock her target backwards.

Level 81: Damage is increased by up 240%. Successful hits will raise “Foe’s Fragility”‘s stacking effect by 2 times.
Level 161: Damage is increased by up 260%. Successful hits will raise “Foe’s Fragility”‘s stacking effect by 4 times.

Foe's Fragility

A passive ability that allows Lyca’s attacks to lower her target’s defense rating by 3%. This ability is cumulative and can be stacked 6 times.

Level 21: Ability can be stacked up to 8 times.
Level 101: Ability can be stacked up to 8 times. Enemies are stunned when maximum stack is reached.
Level 181: Each attack reduces enemy’s Defense Rating by 4%.


At the beginning of the battle, Lyca gallops onto the battlefield inspiring her allies, raising their morale that increases their attack speed for a period of time.

Level 121: Regenerate 70 energy points for Lyca and her allies.
Level 201: Energy restored increased by up to 100 points.

Rapid Arrows

Lyca rapidly fires off 3 arrows at a single enemy target.

Level 141: 35% of arrow damage is converted into health.
Level 221: 45% of arrow

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4 months ago

***** creators will totally kill her in the 1.38 patch. Rest In Peace, dear Lyca…

8 months ago

Super useful hero. The popular teaming up with Tasi and Nemora makes enemy team completely disabled at the nearly start of the fight. Add Lucius or Brutus with Shemira to the team and turn the tides of the battle. Can be paired with Nemora only to add Safiya to more godly ultimates.

1 year ago

Looking for advice! Is it worth switching out my Athalia (Legendary) for mystic Lyca (which I can get now) or to wait until I can get Shemira to mystic (requires getting one more Shemira, for which I haven’t had much luck despite the new wishlist and multiple tries)? I haven’t had any luck with getting more Athalias to ascend her and it’s bringing the rest of my team down now. I also would be able to give Lyca Athalia’s mystic level gear, whereas I would have to get better gear for Shemira.

1 year ago

Actually broken unit. Spd boost and defense break completely wrecks you. Every time this unit is on a boss stage, I get destroyed even though I win every other stage easily.
She destroys Lucius with def break and haste before he can even use his ultimate. jajajajajaj

Reply to  bupk1s
1 year ago

Hawkes to reset and shes invisible

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