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The Maulers are a faction of heroes in AFK Arena.

They’re strong against Wilders, and weak against Lightbearers.


Safiya is a fire mage capable of casting powerful orbs to destroy her enemies. She can also buff allies and debuff enemies.IntelligenceDPS, Buffer, DebufferMaulersBackDura's CallYes

Khasos is a ranged/melee hybrid that provides lifeleech for his allies.StrengthDamage DealerMaulersBack/FrontDura's EyeYes

Brutus is an extremely strong melee DPS that can carry teams. His kit includes an immunity shield, life-leech & damage scaling with low HP. He's essential for any team.StrengthSolo CarryAgility/Strength heroesFrontDura's BladeYes

Golus is a very basic tank. He's capable of taking a lot of damage and can knockback enemies.StrengthTankHealersFrontDura's GraceNo

Ankhira is a squishy hero that can increase her allies physical damage by reducing enemy armor. She can also stun enemies and drain their energy.IntelligenceDamage Dealer (Debuffer, CC)Physical DPS & non-AoE heroesFrontDura's GraceNo

Numisu summons totems to aid his allies. The totems can provide healing to his team, and distract enemies by taunting them.IntelligenceSupport (Heal, Buffer)Brutus, Savease, TanksBackDura's CallYes

Saveas sacrifices his own health to increase his damage, the more HP he has, the more DPS he does. Although he can take a lot of hits, he still needs to be placed behind a tank on the frontline. Union buff is important.AgilityDamage DealerBrutus, Khasos, NumisuBackDura's EyeYes

Warek is a DPS/Tank hybrid that can quickly take out an enemy frontline hero with his Bonebreaker, but it can also backfire and get your backline killed.StrengthDamage Dealer (CC)Maulers, LycaFrontDura's GraceNo

Vurk is a ranged DPS with good sustain damage, especially when enemies are closer together.AgilityDamage DealerMaulersBackDura's EyeYes

Skreg is a unique tank that utilizes his mount to stomp and knockdown enemies.StrengthTank (CC)MaulersFrontDura's GraceNo

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