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Resonating Crystal

Resonating Crystal

The Resonating Crystal is an extremely powerful and very unique feature of AFK Arena.

Its existence in the game essentially means that you only ever have to level 5 heroes.

This is a pretty generous feature compared to most games in this genre!

How It Works

You don’t need to place any heroes on the actual pentagram, they will be placed there automatically based on which of your heroes are the current highest levels.

When you add a hero to the resonating crystal, it will instantly be the same level as the lowest level hero on the pentagram.

Heroes placed in the resonating crystal cannot exceed their overall maximum level. As an example, if you’ve got a full team of level 200 heroes and you place Arden in a slot, his level will only be 160. That’s because he can only ascend to Legendary+, which has a level cap of 160.

If you remove a hero from the resonating crystal, there will be a 24 hour cooldown until you can add another hero into that slot. You can however bypass that by spending diamonds.

This does not count heroes that are removed due to being retired, ascended or those that are automatically placed on the pentagram if they are one of the 5 highest level heroes.

Upgrading the Resonating Crystal

Once a player has 5 level 240 heroes on the resonating crystal pentagram, they will unlock a new feature that allows them to directly level up the crystal by consuming Gold, EXP & Hero’s Essence.

At this point, all of the eligible heroes in the resonating crystal will have their levels based on the actual crystal level, rather than the lowest hero on the pentagram.

This allows players to level up their ascended heroes beyond 240.

Each hero owned that has been evolved to ascended will increase the level cap by 5. The current absolute level cap is 360.


Legend has it that the Resonating Crystal embodies Dura’s soul. It was said that in her dying breath she created the resonating crystal using her divine essence.

Originally the form of a large crystal, it has gradually taken on a dazzling female form over the eons.

The Resonating Crystal is known to emit a brilliant, divine light, which attracts thousands of followers from all over Esperia.

Some believe that the crystal has the ability to strengthen one’s body and mental resolve, but only those whom are deemed worthy will receive its blessing.


  • Avatar
    13th March 2019

    “however a hero’s maximum level is still limited by its current ascension tier.”
    They really need to fix this or remove this, because currently, if a hero is placed under the crystal, they can level up beyond their current ascension tier max level. An Elite hero can go up to level 120 when the lowest level hero on the pentagram is level 120.

    • Avatar
      14th March 2019

      Now I get it. They really need to fix the one in-game.
      The phrase “Limited by its current ascension tier” really makes it confusing.

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