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Resonating Crystal

Resonating Crystal

Legend has it that the Resonating Crystal embodies Dura’s soul. It was said that in her dying breath she created the resonating crystal using her divine essence.

Originally the form of a large crystal, it has gradually taken on a dazzling female form over the eons.

The Resonating Crystal is known to emit a brilliant, divine light, which attracts thousands of followers from all over Esperia.

Some believe that the crystal has the ability to strengthen one’s body and mental resolve, but only those whom are deemed worthy will receive its blessing.


The 5 highest level heroes will automatically be placed upon the Crystal Pentagram.

You can add a hero to a slot which will raise their level so that it’s equal to the lowest level hero currently on the pentagram, however a hero’s maximum level is still limited by its current ascension i tier.

A hero cannot be leveled up when they’re currently using the pentagram, they must first leave the pentagram before they can continue to be leveled up.

When a hero is removed from a slot, the slot will begin a 24 hour cooldown process. Diamonds may be used to remove a slot’s cooldown time.

If a hero is removed from the slot due to them being ascended or retired, then the slot will not begin its cooldown process. If a hero that is already using a slot is automatically selected by the pentagram due to them being one of the highest level heroes possessed, then the slot will also not begin its cooldown process.

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