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Rest In Peace Guide

Rest In Peace Guide

The goal of this adventure is to remove the 3 curses that are blocking the door.

You do this by finding and touching 3 different headstones located on the map.

Completing the Adventure

Head north from the start and walk on all the curses:

Once you reach the second blue fountain in the north, turn right and then head south. This is where the headstone is located:

Fight your way down and click on it.

The other two headstones are further east from here. One north and one south:

Once you’ve clicked on all 3 headstones, the 3 curses near the door in the north should now be removed:

Head to the door, but go north of it. You’ll need to defeat the Chief Enemies there:

The door should now be unlocked:

There’s a few enemies and chests in the final area.

You can take the mercenary encampment that’s south of the door as well if you want, but it’s not necessary.


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    15th April 2019

    after the first two battle, go to fountain. then fight without touch the second curse. its more convinience for me.

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