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“Flame Weaver”

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A Keeper of Flames at the temple of the Scorched Expanse, Satrana occupies a position much elevated from that of her past. Satrana’s father was a deserter, and there are few things more contemptible in Mauler society than desertion. Cowardice is reviled and punished harshly. For his transgression, his possessions were divided among the tribe and his family taken as slaves. Satrana was still very young at this time, and was assigned to housework in the holdings of a minor chieftain.

Life under the chieftain was hard for the young girl. She became very careful, as even the smallest mistake could garner severe beatings. Her master would strike her for any perceived infraction. Taking too long to complete a task or failing to anticipate a request were the first things she learned to avoid. Unfortunately for the young slave, her master imagined impertinence in her every action. The beatings continued, causing her so much trauma that she eventually lost the ability to speak entirely. Thus, she suffered in silence.

The chieftain treated all of his slaves in the same manner, and this was eventually his downfall. Outnumbering his bodyguards by a wide margin, the oppressed and abused vassals struck back late one night. The chieftain’s heavy handed ways had ended the life of one of the most beloved slaves, and this was all the impetus the others needed to finally decide to take their revenge and freedom in one act.

The slaves had numbers on their side, but they were not warriors. Among the howls and shrieks of pain from slave and bodyguard alike, Satrana fled. She didn’t know where she was going or what she was looking for. She only knew that anywhere was better than this

She ran until she couldn’t run any more, and then staggered along determinedly for a long while after that. She wanted to live, but knew it wasn’t likely. She had just accepted death when she crested a rise and saw before her a mysterious temple set among a verdant oasis. With her last reserves of strength, she made it to the temple grounds before collapsing.

Satrana awakened to a kind face and cool water washing down her throat like a miraculous rain. Her relief was short lived, however. One of the kind water bearer’s companions attacked, and a furious scene of bloodshed ensued. The duel was lightning fast and as frightening as anything that had happened in the chieftain’s home. When the attacker lay dead, her savior flashed a look of defiance at the others.

Elders came forth from the temple and Satrana watched as they cast her rescuer out. The biggest shock, however, came when they lifted her off the ground, handing her a set of well-made robes. It seemed she wold still serve after all life at the temple wasn’t easy, but the Elders were wise and fair. Under their tutelage, Satrana grew and unlocked secrets she never imagined she would possess. She became more powerful with each changing of the moon, learning to harness fire and by so doing, to regain control of her own life. With time, she regained the ability to speak.

She thought often of the one who had saved her that first day at the temple. Though it was the elders who had given her the invaluable knowledge she now possessed, it was that fierce warrior to whom she really owed everything. She gathered bits and pieces of information about the fighter and the places she had possibly gone. Satrana decided that it would be a shame to gain the kind of power she had now and then stow it away in an isolated temple. She would instead bring it out into the world, if nothing else because she had some debts to repay.

“I will be silent no more”

CLASS: Intelligence
TYPE: Melee

Item – Blazing Ember

A large scepter with a radiant design symbolizing absolute power.

Skill – Incinerate

Every time an enemy is struck for a total of 4 times by Satrana, an explosion will occur that deals 100% damage to the enemy. Ability may only target the same enemy once every 3 seconds.

[+10 Unlocks] Damage increased by up to 150%.
[+20 Unlocks] 50% of arrow damage is converted into health.
[+30 Unlocks] Damage increased by up to 200%.



Satrana throws several fireseeds at the enemy with the highest Combat Rating, which stick to their body, the fireseeds are then triggered once the enemy’s energy falls below 30%, resulting in a fiery explosion that causes 320% AoE damage to nearby enemies.

Level 2: Enemies cannot recover health while covered in fireseeds.
Level 3: Damage increased by up to 380%.

Flutter Flame

A short and brutal attack that deals 150% damage 2 times to nearby enemies.

Level 2: Damage increased by up to 165%.
Level 3: 60% of arrow damage is converted into health.
Level 4: Damage increased by up to 180%.


Satrana initiates a fire dance, causing flames to engulf her enemies multiple times for 90% damage per attack, with the final attack dealing 200% explosive damage. Satrana is also able to reduce 50% of the damage she receives while using this ability.

Level 2: Damage reduction is increased to 80%.
Level 3: Final attack damage increased to 230% damage.


When Satrana is defeated, she loses control of her fireseeds, which fall to the ground and detonate after several moments, inflicting 250% damage on nearby enemies.

Level 2: Explosion ignites enemies for 4 seconds, causing 120% damage per second.
Level 3: Damage increased by up to 300%.

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Kenneth Green
Kenneth Green

Pretty much the answer to Nemora. Fireseeds makes Nemora completely useless.

Kenneth Green
Kenneth Green

And any other heroes that use life leech and/or healing.


Part belly-dancer, part suicide-bomber. NOICE.


Fireseeds might be a great counter to Shemira, and any other leech-heavy enemy


Hmmmm I think Warek is the “savior”.

Aurian Silveri
Aurian Silveri

nope. It is the other new Mauler, antandra. This is the child that she was banished for rescueing.