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“Savior of the Sea”

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StrengthTank (CC)MeleeAscendedFrontDura's GraceNo

Hero Details

Seirus is a new tank for the wilders faction, he was added in patch 1.15.01.

He has a passive damage reduction to most enemy abilities and is capable of dishing out some pretty good AoE damage for a tank.

His ultimate ability can knock back enemies and stun them, providing a very useful CC. Deluge also provides a small CC that will knock enemies into the air temporally.

Overall, he’s a very good hero, but not overpowered.


  • Great passive damage reduction against weak attacks.
  • Strong damage for a tank.
  • High survivability when paired with a healer.
  • Great CC that can push back enemies into their backline.


  • Long cast times that be interrupted.
  • Relativity weak against over-leveled enemies that do high damage.


As with most tanks, Seirus works well with any healer/support. Especially Nemora.

Hero Skills

SkillDescriptionLevel Upgrades

Abhorrent Torrent

Seirus sends several large waves surging towards his enemies, dealing 70% damage per wave. Each wave knocks the enemies backwards and stuns them.Level 81: Damage increased by up to 75%.
Level 161: Damage increased by up to 80%.


Seirus calls up on the ocean's power by summoning large columns of water that erupt at the nearest 2 enemies' feet. The columns of water cause 120% AoE damage to nearby enemies and become larger and more powerful, the closer they are standing to Seirus.Level 21: Damage increased by up to 130%.
Level 101: Targets 3 nearest enemies.
Level 181: Damage increased by up to 140%.

Ocean's Blessing

Seirus uses the ocean's blessing to strengthen his weapon. After strengthening his weapon, the following 3 normal attacks will have a greater Area of Effect range and increased damage, allowing Seirus to deal 180% damage per normal attack.Level 121: Damage of normal attacks raised up to 200%.
Level 201: Damage of normal attacks raised up to 220%.

Free Flow

Damage that is less than 7% of Seirus' maximum health is reduced by 50%.Level 141: Damage less than 9% of Seirus' maximum health is reduced.
Level 221: Damage less than 10% of Seirus' maximum health is reduced.


Any well-traveled practitioner of magic in Esperia can tell you that the more remote a place is, the more magical energy it will possess. Far from the dampening effects of civilization, magic flows stronger and more freely. In these far-flung locales, from the Oromouth Highlands to the Scorched Expanse, strange creatures roam the stretches of wild. Born of the prevailing elements in their homes, they are a manifestation of that place’s unconscious will.

Azure Cove is situated between the Dark Forest and the Bastion of the Elements. Its position relative to the ocean’s currents means that this patch of water is fickle and fierce. Here, a tranquil sea mirroring the sky above can become a darkly churning maelstrom seemingly without reason or recourse. Decades ago, a massive tsunami swept through the cove, permanently altering the area’s gestalt and birthing in its turmoil a new avatar. A new manifestation of this altered place.

Seirus is a son of sea and storm. He is the raging current and inevitable tide, the vast power of unseen forces. He naturally protects the area to which he is bound. Those who would pollute the cove condemn themselves to a frantic death beneath the waves if they come too close to its shores. Fishing boats risk disappearing into sudden whirlpools when they take more than the sea wants to give.

Much of Seirus’ time is spent near the shore marking the seaward edge of the Dark Forest. He has developed a close relationship with the forest’s inhabitants and now even thinks of himself as one of them. A Wilder of the waves and surf. The Wilders, in turn, consider him one of their own. After all, what is their realm but a terrestrial expansion of his? What among their goals and methods differ? They stand as one to form the insurmountable will of nature, of the very world itself.

“The tide shapes all things.”

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