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Temple of Ascension

Temple of Ascension

The Temple of Ascension is where you can ascend your heroes to a higher rarity. It requires the consumption of certain lower quality heroes for the ascension to complete.

The requirements for ascension will depend entirely on the current quality of the hero you want to upgrade.

Only specific heroes can upgraded to “Ascended”, which is the maximum rarity in the game. The rest of the heroes can only ascend to Legendary+.

That doesn’t include common heroes, which can’t ascend at all.

It’s important to note that you can’t downgrade heroes once you ascend them, so always double check that it’s the right choice to make.

Hero Ascension Requirements Guide

Rare > Rare+

Requires original hero & 2 Rares of the same hero.

Rare+ > Elite

Requires original hero & 2 Rare+ heroes of the same faction.

Elite > Elite+

Requires original hero & 1 Elite of the same hero.

Elite+ > Legendary

Requires original hero & 2 Elite+ heroes of the same faction.

Legendary > Legendary+

Requires original hero & 1 Elite+ of the same hero.

Legendary+ > Mythic

Requires original hero & 1 Legendary+ hero of the same faction.

Mythic > Mythic+

Requires original hero & 1 Legendary+ of the same faction.

Mythic+ > Ascended

Requires original hero & 2 Elite+ of the same hero.

Ascended > +1 Star

Requires original hero & 1 Elite+ of the same hero.


The Temple of Ascension, one of the holiest places throughout the lands of Esperia, was established to pay tribute to the one true god of life, Dura.

During the last great invasion of Esperia it was burned and rebuilt. Thousands of years later it stands at the heart of the sprawling city of Ranhom, where the faith of light was reborn.


  • Avatar
    28th February 2019

    Legendary to Legendary+ requires 1 Elite+ of same hero

  • Avatar
    7th April 2019

    And how about mithic to mithic+, is it confirmed that you dont need the same hero? Watching the rest of combinations would make sense it was so

  • Avatar
    13th April 2019

    Does it matter if you level your chosen one and the material characters first? Or is it if you have the resources just go for it?

    • Avatar
      20th April 2019

      I would reset your material characters in the cart before using them to recoup some of the resources to level your newly ascended character. Just my opinion:)

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