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Temple of Ascension

Temple of Ascension

The Temple of Ascension, one of the holiest places throughout the lands of Esperia, was established to pay tribute to the one true god of life, Dura.

During the last great invasion of Esperia it was burned and rebuilt. Thousands of years later it stands at the heart of the sprawling city of Ranhom, where the faith of light was rebom.

Hero Ascension Requirements Guide

The last part is not a typo. You really do only need 2 Elite+ for Mythic+.

Rare > Rare+

Requires 3 Rares of the same hero.

Rare+ > Elite

Requires 3 Rare+ heroes of the same faction.

Elite > Elite+

Requires 1 Elite of the same hero.

Elite+ > Legendary

Requires 3 Elite+ heroes of the same faction.

Legendary > Legendary+

Requires 1 Elite of the same hero.

Legendary+ > Mythic

Requires 2 Legendary+ heroes of the same faction.

Mythic > Mythic+

Requires 2 Elite+ of the same hero.

General Guide

You can strengthen your heroes at the Temple of Ascension. To raise the ascension level of a hero, a sacrifice is required.

A certain quantity of heroes are required to ascend your hero. Heroes will have different ascension requirements depending on their current ascension level.

The aforementioned sacrificed heroes will then be disintegrated and lost forever. Any armor, experience and resources will be placed back in the player’s bag.

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