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“The Exalted”

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Thane is a melee damage dealer for the Lightbearer faction.

He’s all about Crit Rating, the more he has, the better he performs. This is because some of his skills have additional effects if he lands a critical strike.

His ultimate ability will deal a moderate amount of damage to random enemies, and after level 81 it will add one additional strike for each crit landed by the initial attacks. As he will attack random targets, this ability will get stronger when there are less enemies on the battlefield. Eviscerate is not really about dealing damage though, it’s more for survivabilty and allows him more time to perform more critical strikes while being invulnerable.

He has a mini-ultimate in the form of Execution. This is actually where most of his damage and burst will come from. It will start a multi-stage attack for every 4 critical strikes he lands. It will also deal additional damage up to 18% of the targets max HP, which makes this ability extremely strong.

Unfortunately, Thane only really shines after reaching level 141 as this is when his Focus skill will be upgraded to include HP gain and energy from crits. This is when he starts to become deadly in all aspects of the game.

One of the best DPS for guild bosses in the game.

High burst and sustain after level 141.

Weak in anything outside of guild bosses before 141.

Just like Kaz, he can dodge heals from his allies.

Belinda – She can provide him with a crit buff.

Raine – Gains crit rating if an enemy is killed with her ultimate and just generally synergies well with her.

Thane is an exemplary swordsman. His knowledge of the blade is unmatched. When he was a younger man, and still had both of his arms, he would stride about the sparring grounds with an imperious look, head held high and a constantly bemused expression. He possessed a preternatural ability to detect and identify weaknesses the moment he looked at a man holding a weapon. He was the best. The only problem was, he knew it. Thane succumbed to the age-old enemy of the greats. Hubris. He began placing himself in more and more danger when out fighting. He began to believe that there didn’t exist an opponent who could best him.

It was a Mauler, a high-ranking one, that did it. Thane found the thing’s weaknesses but it moved too fast for him to exploit them. Its hammer caught him on his off arm, pulverizing the bone beneath the crumpled armor, and nearly tearing it from his body with intense downward force. He went down, and had it not been for the timely intervention of Sir Baden Rayne, the head of the house, he would have certainly been killed. Rayne fought bravely but he too proved no match for the vortex of violence that was the mauler. He was killed almost instantly with a crushing blow to his breastplate. Caught up in battle, the Mauler never bothered finishing off the wounded Thane, and after the battle he was carried back to the encampment. The arm was removed, there being too much damage for any of those present to hope to help.

He knew that had it not been for Lord Rayne, he would have never survived. He made a vow to himself then. He would continue to serve their house, to the best of his ability, until his debt was repaid. He became castellan for castle Rayne, training up men-at-arms, constantly reviewing and instructing the combat readiness of the soldiers that served under their banner, commissioning castle defenses… He had adapted surprisingly fast to life with only one arm.

When the remaining Rayne men died off in one tragic battle, he began to see a determined look on the youngest child, an energetic young girl who somehow resembled her father in manner and expression, and had his eyes. When she approached Thane about training for knighthood, he smiled. House Rayne may yet have a chance, and if the path of House Rayne someday leads Thane back to the beast that took his arm, all the better.

“Duty isn’t an arm or a leg. You can’t lose it in battle.”

CLASS: Agility
TYPE: Melee
ARTIFACT: Eye, Blade

The Lotus Blade

Swift, light, and sharp. Always seems to find the right spot.

Skill – Focused Finesse

Thane’s damage is increased by 20% if he does not receive damage for 3 seconds.

[+10 Unlocks] Damage increased to 30% when requirements are met.
[+20 Unlocks] Damage increased to 40% when requirements are met.
[+30 Unlocks] If Thane’s target enemy does not inflict damage upon Thane for 3 seconds, then Thane’s damage will be increased.



Thane attacks his enemies at random 7 times, dealing 80% damage per attack. Thane cannot receive damage while using this ability.

Level 81: Number of attacks are increased by one when a critical strike is landed while using this ability.
Level 161: Basic attack can be dealt up to 9 times.


Thane bounds towards an enemy with a surprise attack, dealing 120% damage to them. Thane’s Crit Rating is also raised by 20% for a duration of 5 seconds.

Level 21: Defensive shield can offset up to 70% damage.
Level 101: Damage increased by up to 130%.
Level 181: Damage increased by up to 140%.


Activated after Thane uses 4 critical strikes. Thane targets a single enemy with a multi-stage attack with the final attack dealing 80% damage. The final attack also deals an additional damage which is equal to 15% of the target’s max HP.

Level 121: Final attack damage increased to 90% damage.
Level 201: Additional damage dealt equals 18% of target’s max HP.


Thane raises his own Crit Rating by 14%.

Level 141: For each successful critical strike, Thane recovers 6% of the HP that has already been lost and also regains 25 energy points.
Level 221: Crit Rating is raised to 17%.

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1 month ago

The abilities basicly the combination of Old fiora And New Fiora from league of legends
which is soooooooo awseome, dashing from one place to the other, dodging abilities with his ult and abilities. just an absolute monster and a delight to look at.
i sometimes just put him against my friends where he could be a decent match going alone vs 5 and just watch as he dances in the battlefield and destroying everything
awesome to look at, awesome to carry.
(i am not gay but he is handsome isnt he)

2 months ago

I am bursting though chap. 21 with him right now.

Most rounds look like this.
Start – Burst down Tank while dodgin the backline and relying on Luci and Rowans potions
->when first target is as good as down, manually ult (if shem kills, she might ult too already)
-softening up the hole team with ult and heal lost health, whil shemira should ult by now
-finish the lone survivor, IF there is one.

Great for those pesky Wareks who with Belinda to burst within seconds

4 months ago

Probably my favorite Lightbearer, Thane is an absolute monster once he hits level 141. His passive allows him to regain health from crits, so Dura’s Eye is the move here. He deals A LOT of damage whilst being invulnerable. This being said, he’s an obvious choice for guild bosses as he can dodge their abilities. Now, he can die very easily if he is underleveled so I don’t recommend using him unless he’s equal to or higher than the enemies you’re fighting. Hendrik is the perfect partner for Thane, as he provides even more protection for the lad. 4.5/5

7 months ago

thane is a god honsestly going from chapter 14-18. just leveling him up through those stage to mythic+ lvl 180 he absolutely dominated. now that im on stage 18 he doesn’t really carry as much but still incredibly useful as long as he doesn’t die in the first 10 seconds.

Miki Troy
Miki Troy
8 months ago

He is my hard carry since the beginning. He simply destroys everything after lvl 161. He can solo carry if you have a very good support team. Here is mine:

Thane – Lucius – Rosaline – Fawkes – Rowan or Tasi

For exemple. right now I’m stuck, but my team power is 980k, and the enemies are at 1750k. So I think I got a bit too far with this comp, at my power level. xD

10 months ago

How is he a glass cannon? He has almost the same amount of health as do Lucius

Reply to  Fart
9 months ago

defense stat i guess? no defense buffs for himself either, he always charges in as well

11 months ago

Faced him as Mythic+ in Labyrinth Floor 3 and he literally kills my entire team while never leaving his ulti. He goes down to like 10 hp, ultis and starts being untargetable while spinning around all over the place killing everything while healing back to full and getting full energy again so when he comes out he can just ulti again, and again. So he just ulti ulti ulti ulti and you can never kill him… what? how is this balanced? even Tasi couldnt counter him. What am I supposed to do?

It's me
It's me
Reply to  jajajajaj
9 months ago

press exit and retry lol

so sad
so sad
Reply to  jajajajaj
9 months ago

i know that feel bro… uninstall

11 months ago

Actually super broken and overpowered, jesus christ.

Donald Gill
Donald Gill
11 months ago

I think that your choice of Relic may be a little off on this one. Dura’s Blade is massively effective vs. Wrizz, because you are likely to live the entire battle. Thane has a high crit rating as it is, but would suffer more if he missed instead of critting. I am going to try this out a little more and see if one is definitively better than the other. Dura’s Eye makes for great burst- I just wonder if that will be enough to make it better than Dura’s Blade.

Reply to  Donald Gill
11 months ago

With crit maxed from Library and Gear better to use Blade. If Thane needs to survive longer go for Eye. My 1st ascended hero. 199lvl with 161 supports got me to 18-32

1 year ago

His image is mirrored…given that his missing arm is his whole thing, it probably matters a bit more for him than it might for other heroes.