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Thoran Cheese Strategy

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This is a guide on how to take advantage of the popular “Thoran Cheese” tactic in AFK Arena.

The strategy makes it possible to to defeat stages that have a huge level deficit, and would otherwise be close to impossible without higher level/ascended heroes. However, it’s important to note that this is definitely not the optimal way to defeat the stages and in many cases will require a lot of RNG to pull it off.

This makes it extremely strong for F2P players that would otherwise be stuck, but for other players it might not be the best way.

It’s something that you’ll have to decide that you want to do, as it will very much affect the way you play the game.


The minimum requirements for it is to have Thoran with his signature item unlocked, which requires Mythic ascension.

This should be very obtainable for any player, as Thoran can be purchased from the lab store. The only issue is that Shemira is also bought from the lab store as well, and she is generally the priority to buy.

Having his signature item at +30 will also help, but isn’t required.

How Does it Work?

The main concept behind it stems from the synergy of his ultimate ability “Retaliation”and his signature item.

When Thoran uses Retaliation, he’ll start to channel a swing attack. Once complete, it will deal damage to all enemies in front of him.

However, while he’s channeling the attack, 200% of all damage he received during that time will be added to the his swing. If all enemies are attacking Thoran during his channel, he can potentially one-shot all of them once it completes.

What really solidifies this strategy is that his signature item makes him unkillable while channeling Retaliation. This makes the tactic very broken at higher stages, because the enemies will deal huge amounts of damage, but can’t kill Thoran.

Which Heroes to pair with him?

Any heroes can work with this strategy, as you’ll want them to just die as soon as possible so that the enemy team attacks Thoran.

However, to consistently make it work it helps to have heroes that can drag the enemies closer to Thoran, especially enemy mages and support that usually never move.

These include:

Lorsan – Links 2 enemies together, this can allow enemies that can’t be dragged to Thoran also take damage from his ultimate.

Flora – She can’t die before Thoran, and her ultimate can give him energy if the talent “Astral Tide” from the Elder’s Tree is unlocked.

Eironn – Pulls up to 3 enemies towards him, this can bring them closer to Thoran.

Kelthur – Swaps places with an enemy, bringing it closer to Thoran. When he dies, he can still attack enemies.

Nara – Pulls an enemy towards her, which can bring it closer to Thoran.

Athalia – She can push a single enemy closer to the middle.

Ezizh – Drags the furthest away enemy towards him, bringing it closer to Thoran.

Rowan – Purely for energy and healing.

Lyca – Purely for her energy buff.

The ascension levels of these heroes don’t really matter, as long as they have their abilities unlocked that aid Thoran.

Setting It Up

Every stage is different. You’ll need to pick the right heroes for the job and position them optimally.

Generally Thoran is best placed on the frontline as usual.

Your other heroes should be setup to drag the enemies closer to Thoran. Example: Eirron is usually best placed in the middle, Nara is great at targeting mages that don’t move etc.

This will require RNG, so adapt and retry until everything lines up. It will likely take many attempts.

Counter Heroes

Certain heroes can cause trouble when utilizing this tactic. Having a +30 signature item can help with many of them.

These are the ones to watch out for:

Ezizh – He can cancel Thoran’s Retaliation while it is channeling.

Brutus – If his immunity shield isn’t popped before Retaliation is used then he will likely kill Thoran.

Thoran – The man himself. He can self-resurrect after the burst from Retaliation.

Kaz – She can dodge the attack, although it is unlikely.

Additional Notes

Using the Dura’s Call artifact on Thoran can help him cast his ultimate faster.

Auto mode can be turned off so that Thoran’s ultimate is timed optimally.

Removing gear from Thoran can help him die faster, however it is something that has to be tweaked depending on the stage. In general, you want to remove gear that has has purely defensive stats and no accuracy. The boots are the most important piece to tweak, as they provide movement speed.

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