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AFK Arena Tips & Tricks

AFK Arena Tips & Tricks

These are some quick and easy tips that I wish I’d of known when just starting out in AFK Arena.

Got your own? Comment them down below!

Join a guild

Joining a guild gives you access to guild bosses which reward currency that can then be spent on gear at the guild store. It’s basically free gear with no downside.

It can even stock legendary & mythic items if you have high enough campaign progress. The gear can also have a faction bonus, but it’s semi-rare and random.

Max out your friends list

Not only will you get free heroes from it via the companion points, but you can also use their heroes for team bounty missions and union buffs in the library.

Don’t be afraid to remove inactive people because you will be missing out if the people on the list aren’t active.

Collect AFK Rewards regularly

AFK Rewards can only accumulate for a maximum of 12 hours. After that time period you won’t earn anymore rewards at all. Make sure to collect them regularly or you’ll slow down your progress quite significantly.

Stuck on a level? Keep trying!

Every single attempt at a level is different due to the AI and the random nature of stats such as crit and dodge. Some of them can just take a bit of luck to complete.

Unless your team is severely underpowered, there’s always a chance that you can just randomly get past a level by continually attempting it.

Do all daily and weekly quests

It might go without saying, but this is an important thing to do. Not just for yourself, but also for your guild.

Complete all bounty quests

This is another “obvious” thing to do, but it is worth mentioning. The rewards are a nice bonus, especially for diamonds.

The bounty board can also be upgraded, but you need to complete a certain amount quests to unlock each level. This is basically time-gated, so it’s important that you do it every day because there is currently no other way to add more bounty quests per day to catch up if you miss out.

Buy “Hero’s Essence” for gold from the store every day

You might not need it now, but eventually hero’s essence will become a large barrier to progress as you need A LOT of it to level up all of your heroes past certain thresholds. It starts to get extremely expensive at level 181 when it costs 25k essence PER HERO.

Don’t buy gear with diamonds early on

Heroes are much more valuable and harder to obtain.

IF you do want to buy gear, there is a vendor that shows up in the arcane labyrinth that has gear available to buy at a 40% discount. This can include legendary and mythic gear if you have high enough campaign progress.

Retire Common Heroes (Green)

These heroes are extremely weak and basically useless. Retiring them will reward you with hero’s essense, which is used to level up heroes past certain points and is very important for progression.

If you don’t have a lot of heroes yet, then you can also use commons for bounties instead.

Complete 100% of each peaks of time adventure

Five powerful artifacts that can be found inside treasure chests found within the Peaks of Time mini-adventures. These are unique items that cannot be obtained from anywhere else. If you don’t have them, you’re missing out.

You can’t just go and complete every adventure instantly though. Each one has campaign progress requirements and a certain amount of chests must be obtained from the previous adventure.

Lots of other rewards are available from the treasure chests, so make sure to do 100% of each adventure as soon as you unlock them.

Buy the Epic Hero Soulstones first with Hero Coins

When you retire heroes you’re compensated with Hero Coins, which can be spent at the Barracks store. It’s best to save up enough of these to buy the Epic Soulstones first. The Rare Soulstones are too random and your chances of obtaining enough of the same hero to make one epic is not really worth it.

Use a team that has at least one of each class

There’s 3 different “classes” in AFK Arena, although they aren’t really listed as classes.

They are: Strength, Agility and Intelligence.

Heroes of each class can only wear gear made for that class. So Brutus for example can only use Plate Armor and Heavy Weapons, where as Vurk can use Leather Armor and Light Weapons.

If you have none or too many of a certain class it can hinder your progress as you won’t be splitting the gear you obtain evenly. If you have none of a certain class in your team, any gear you receive of that type is basically sitting in your bag wasted aside from using it as fodder for enhancing.

There isn’t a varied selection of gear with different stats either, all heroes of the same class will use the exact same gear if the rarity is the same.

Don’t use Fast Rewards until you’re stuck for that day

The rewards you gain from Fast Rewards are connected to your campaign progress. The higher you are, the more rewards you get.

It might be tempting to instantly use Fast Rewards when you first login, but it’s better to wait until you’ve done everything else and tried the stage again for the chance of passing it and increasing the gains from Fast Rewards.

This isn’t going to make a huge difference, but it’s good if you want to min-max your EXP/Gold/Essence gain.

Save your Hourglasses until you’re hard stuck at a stage

Same principle as the Fast Rewards. Hourglasses scale with your campaign progress. You want to save them until you’re hard stuck at a stage, so that you maximize your gains.


  • Avatar
    13th March 2019

    Thank you a lot for the information!
    Just one question, what about the labyrinth coins? Where do you spend them?

  • Avatar
    13th March 2019

    In the Labyrinth shop, better exchanged for Purple heroes with 45k Coins. Store > Lab Store

  • Avatar
    18th March 2019

    I have a question about Hero Skills. Obviously the first skill is a Hero’s ‘ultimate’, which can be used when the hero reaches full Energy. They then usually have a passive or two, and a second attack Skill. It isn’t obvious to me how this skill is used? In battle they seem to just use it randomly, it doesn’t seem linked an energy level or a number of attacks. So when and how exactly is this Skill used?
    Can anyone shed some light on this?

    • Avatar
      20th March 2019

      From my experience, the secondary skills have an internal cooldown, and a small shared cooldown, and the heroes will just use these as soon as they are available. They also seem to have a set order of priority.
      For example, Estrilda will wlays start fight with a regular attack, then will use Ridicule. Then attack, followed by Inspire, and then attack again followed by Royal Charge. She will then continue to use these abilities as they come of cooldown.
      Ability casts can be interupted by other heroes’ skills or from staggering due to take a large hit of damage in one go. This will still cause the ability to go on cooldown so they cannot immediately recast it.
      The cooldowns and priorities seem to vary from hero to hero.

  • Avatar
    20th March 2019

    Hiya, loving the website and the guides.

    Would just like to point out that in this particular guide, it mentions that AFK rewards cap out at 8 hours, but you can actually gather up to 12 hours worth of resources!

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