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Unions Guide

Unions Guide

Unions can be formed in the library. They are activated by inserting all of the required heroes into each slot on the union page.

You can use heroes that you own and ones that are owned by people on your friends list.

That’s one of the many reasons as to why you should max out your friends list ASAP with active players.

List of Unions

The Gallant Three
Defenders Of The Forest
The Dusk Patrollers
Master And Apprentice
Arcanists Union
The Dragon Slayers
The Wrathful Two
Wisdom & Hope
The Lightbringers

The Bounty Hunters

Union Buffs

There’s 3 different buffs you can acquire from each union. The first buff just requires 3 of those heroes. The 2nd one requires 3 of those heroes in Epic+ rarity and the 3rd one requires all of those heroes in Legendary+ rarity.

These buffs apply additional attributes to all heroes in that specific union.

They’re not permanent, if the union is broken because a friend was removed etc, you’ll lose them.

How Do The Union Buffs Work?

There might be a bit of confusion as to when the buffs apply.

Once the buffs are activated, all heroes that you own of that union will passively receive them.

The rarity of the heroes you own does not need to match the buffs. It applies to all heroes, regardless of their quality.

They don’t need to be in the same team to receive the buffs either, each individual hero of the union will have the additional attributes at all times until it is deactivated.


  • Avatar
    6th May 2019

    Do you have to have your own hero in the union for the buff or does it buff your hero regardless of whether tour using other heros to complete the requirements?

    Not sure if that is what the question about teams was refering to or not

  • Avatar
    3rd May 2019

    Thankyou !! I was so unsure of this because the union that I wanted wasn’t working well in my team because I thought I needed to have them all in the same team to activate the buff xD silly me thanks again

  • Avatar
    20th April 2019

    thanks so much!
    was wondering if i had to use them as a team.

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