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The Wilders are a faction of heroes in AFK Arena.

They’re strong against Graveborn, and weak against Maulers.


Eironn is a melee DPS that can pull enemies towards him, summon tornadoes and deal increased damage to shielded enemies.AgilityDPSBrutus, Ezizh, ThaneAnyDura's GraceNo

Ira can debuff enemies and has an ult that can kill enemies quickly if there is fewer of them to target.AgilityDamage Dealer (Debuffer)Brutus, Belinda, Raine, Lyca, Tasi, NemoraBack Top/BottomDura's CallYes

Kaz is hero that relies heavily on dodging enemy attacks. She can act as a tank and excels in long battles.AgilityDamage DealerNemora, LuciusFront/BackDura's GraceYes

Lyca is a support that can provide her team with a strong opener. She can buff allies and give them energy.AgilityDamage Dealer (Buffer)Nemora, Arden, Raine, Tasi, ShemiraBack/FrontDura's DrapeYes

Nemora is the best healer in the game. Her charm CC is also extremely strong, and she has a lot of HP for a non-tank hero.IntelligenceSupport (Heal, CC)Lyca, Tasi, Arden, Brutus, LuciusBack/FrontDura's Eye/Dura's GraceYes

Ogi is a weak tank with decent CC. He relies heavily on being backed up by strong DPS.StrengthDamage Dealer (CC)Strong DPSFrontDura's GraceYes

Seirus is a tank that can deal good AoE damage and CC them for a small period of time.StrengthTank (CC)WildersFrontDura's GraceNo

Arden is a support with one of the best CCs in the game that can root up to 3 enemies at the same time.IntelligenceSupport (CC)Lyca, NemoraBackDura's CallYes

Tasi is a support hero with powerful CC that teleport away from enemies. Her ult can lockdown an entire team, and she can also banish the strongest enemy at the start of the game.IntelligenceSupport (CC, Heal)Lyca, NemoraBackDura's CallYes

Ulmus can perform also every role in the game, but he doesn't excel in any of them.StrengthTank, DPS, Heal, CCWildersAnyGrace/DrapeYes

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