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Most of us think of time as a linear constant, flowing in a single direction and taking us through the course of events that transpire around us. And indeed, for most beings, it is effectively just that. The demon Zolrath,however, doesn’t recognize such petty constraints. Zolrath is able to peer through the mists that separate eras, plucking forgotten secrets from the past and visions of various eventualities from the future.

Many of Zolrath’s would-be enemies are snuffed out before they have a chance to become a threat. He has seen a thousand versions of what is to come and a hundred heroes rise in his scrying, and he has carefully removed them all from the thread of history. Zolrath’s meddling means that throughout Esperia’s timeline, countless philosophers, inventors, rulers, and artists were never born.

Though his power to move throughout the continuum is incredible, Zolrath maintains a subtle, meticulous approach to his manipulations. Changing the future into the one he most desires is a lengthy undertaking.

The future for which Zolrath strives is one of pain and desolation. He has seen the visions of a possibility that grows ever more likely under his patient eye. A tortured sky roiling black, the sun but a pale glow that gives no warmth. Ash mixed with snow drifting downward and coming to rest on the cracked ruins of a dozen civilizations. The howls and cackles of demons alternate with the wails of the people unlucky enough to be alive, and presiding over the festivities- Zolrath. The demon has all the time in the world. It’s only for everyone else that it’s running out.

“Time is against you.”

CLASS: Agility
TYPE: Melee

Item – Hourglass of Time

An hourglass that has the ability to change the flow of time, allowing for its holder to go back or forth in time as they please. This hourglass is said to be the embodiment of Zolrath’s wretched soul.

Skill – Prey

Damage dealt to enemies with a lower health percentage than Zolrath is increased by 10%.

[+10 Unlocks] Damage dealt to enemies with a lower health percentage than Zolrath is increased by 25%.
[+20 Unlocks] Damage dealt to enemies with a lower health percentage than Zolrath is increased by 40%.
[+30 Unlocks] Damage ignores defense rating and damage immunity effect of enemies that have less than 40% of their max health.


Time Rift

Zolrath expends 200 energy to open a time rift. Once inside the time rift, Zolrath will continuously lose 120 energy points per second while he recovers 7.5% of his max health. When Zolrath’s energy is exhausted, his health is fully recovered or the ability is used again, Zolrath will reappear from the time rift and attack the weakest enemy target for 320% damage. This ability may be used even if Zolrath is being controlled by an enemy ability.

Level 2: Damage increased by up to 380%.
Level 3: Ability restores 9% of max health per second.


Zolrath and his future self deal 50% damage multiple times to an enemy. The final two attacks on the enemy deal 180% damage each to any enemy in the attack’s path. While using this ability the two Zolrath’s cannot be controlled, however both can receive damage.

Level 2: Damage of final two attacks is increased up to 200% each.
Level 3: Damage of final two attacks is increased up to 230% each.
Level 4: Damage of final two attacks is increased up to 250% each.


After 18 seconds Zolrath’s normal attack becomes more powerful, allowing his normal attack to deal 150 % damage twice per attack.

Level 2: After 45 seconds Zolrath’s normal attack becomes more powerful, allowing him to strike at surrounding enemies in a three-stage attack for 230% damage per attack. Zolrath’s first two attacks are able to knock-back enemies, with the final attack causing the enemy to become temporarily stunned.
Level 3: Zolrath’s attack rating increases by 1% per second until it reaches 70%.

Déjà vu

When Zolrath is on the brink of death and all of his allies are already dead, Zolrath will turn back time, causing the battle to be reverted back to its start. Zolrath will maintain the effects of his “Annihilate” ability even after the battle has been reverted. This ability may only be used once per battle and can only be used in certain game modes.

Level 2: After time has been turned back, Zolrath’s Haste will be increased by 40 points for the first 8 seconds.
Level 3: After time has been turned back Zolrath’s Haste will be increased by 40 points for the first 12 seconds.

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Preface: I have him @ E+, am at 160. In both PVP and PVE, he is typically the first to die, and typically dies without getting to his Ult. He needs some type of dodge ability or bubble ability to keep him alive, because otherwise he just goes to the front line, gets hit by a couple AOEs, and is already dead. Further, IMHO Time Rift is a detriment to my team, because while he is healing himself my battle is now 4v5; i understand the idea is to chain into DejaVu, but in about 2 dozen battles so far,… Read more »


Update: I used him in the last Labyrinth, and i believe that’s what he is designed for. This way, he is able to chain Time Rift through each battle and basically has a constantly full stamina bar. Still haven’t proced Deja Vu, tho.


for f2p he so weak. For p2w alot of better choice than him like mehira and ezih. So he weak for a long time. You can cry if you have him


Mehira and Ezizh are both stronger than him in Late Game.

If you watch Legend’s Champion fights, you will realise that Ezizh and Mehira are beasts in Late game, at least for PvP.

Among the currently released Celestials+Hypogeans, Zolrath is currently the weakest.

I am still not too sure about Orthros’s strength, but his kit seems better than Zolrath’s.


I was lucky to get him to get 2 copies of him. First in the depths of Time adventure, then by summoning single scrolls




Reading his kit, he seems extremely overpowered in whatever game modes Deja Vu can actually go off.
The real question is if you can stall Tower and Campaign battles long enough for him to stack up high.


try him and you know that skill not strong alot. in story mode if time become 0:0 and another allies dont die and he can’t alive this skill cant active so he useless in story. May be usèul in pvp but he need alot time to strong that your allies may be wiped and he cant carry all bro


Hooray, another overpowered unit for the whales


no one cares lol go be salty somewhere else